Does NX 7.5/8 has any toolbox (e.g to gears and pinion) like in solidworks?

I rarely use solidworks since I'm used to NX. However, one of my previous assignment needed me to draw a gear, and from what I heard solidworks has a toolbox where you only need to put in several info like pitch diameter etc. and it will generate a gear. In the case of NX, I drew the gear from scratch, not to mention several small angles that I've omitted...I've uploaded a sample I drew from NX 7.5...

Please do advise.

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extract this,there are two folders "gear GRIP" containing grip file with .grx extention

other folder is "gear user function" containing nx open files

you can use either to make spur gears

in new model. File menu>execute>grip or nx open (navigate to extracted folder) and ok

input the values of gear you want and its done

i think your gear's pressure angle is 10,then use .grx file

for helical gear try using .exp file

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You can also use the reuse feature, some profiles & feature are thre & u can also create your own reusable part.

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very good... but is only for china licence :(

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there is gear modeling application in nx itself,it requires changing custom_dirs.dat file to appear under tools menu (which i am not able to set) setting environment variables of windows

you can make any gear with it, internal,external,spur,helical,bevel.

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That script is really old and slow and creates a part much more complex than needed. NX should add a modern version of it.
They should also add a equation surfer plotter button.

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There are some addons such as Kisssoft

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Please provide me bevel gear exp file

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Would you pls. tell me about nx plugin 8.5 .how can install plugin

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