downloading file for autocad 2012

how does yr website work to download a file for autocad 2012, Can you please help.

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Go to library chose topic you need (for example - Mechanical) in software put AutoCAD and search what you like

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If a file has the .STEP extension you can import it in AutoCAD from the File menu -> Import.
If it has the .sldprt extension you can't open it in AutoCAD because this it's a native SolidWorks extension.

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Where have you guys got the idea AutoCAD 2012 cannot open a SolidWorks part file directly. It sure can!

Go to the Insert Panel and choose Import. Tons of file types it will accept now.

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I don't quite get what you mean.
Any dwg file saved in a version earlier than 2012 will open in Autocad 2012.

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You will only be able to open dwg, dwf, etc. (file formats supported by AutoCAD). I have inventor fusion, which allows me to open iges/step, rino, and a number of other formats, then I convert them to a dwg, since AutoCAD is my primary software. If you do not have Inventor fusion or some other conversion program, you will not be able to open unsupported files with AutoCAD 2012. You can however find someone like me that can take those formats and change them to a dwg and reupload therm under the original designer/engineer as a new format. So if you are nice to me and ploite, I'd gladly add a new format for you so you can use it. Just send me a message.
Sincerely, David Warren.

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The website has a lot of files with the solidworks file extension. (stp) How do I open the file in autocad 2012.

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