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Why is it so that when a model is downloaded, most of the time the model is not liked.
Why bother downloading a model when you do not like it??
Example: I have a model of a plane that is downloaded 161 times but only 16 likes.
Is this disinterest in the original work or what??
I hope the CG team will change the ranking system so that downloaded models will automaticly will be rewarded, but till than...please hit the like button when downloading, it's a small favour to the designer who put, most of the time, a lot of effort and time in the model who is willing to share it.....

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Some people have the bad habit to download a model, even if they do not like the model and they do not bother to say at least a "thanks" to the designer, who shares the model for free..or even hit the "like" button!! Show some respect to the community! I hope the CG team find a way to eliminate this "hit and run" phenomenon.
(maybe the "download" button must be visible only when someone write a comment or hit the "like" button" of a model.)
example: Rocking Chair 307 downloads and only 17 likes!

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I have a model Cable Glands that has 621 downloads but only 7 likes.
I've notices a reduction in 'likes' since the like button was changed to a heart symbol. Perhaps new users are just not finding it or are unfamiliar with the system here.

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