drafting dimension shown is twice that of the actual

I am using catia v5r20, when i give a dimension say 50 mm to a part, when I take it in drafting, the dimension shown is twice that of the actual.
I tried re-installing, settings, etc,. dint help.

I have attached a pic for reference.

Can anyone help me?

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3 Answers

What is that dimensioning to?

I don't know about Catia but in SolidWORKS if you dimension to a centerline it can sometimes do that because the feature could be a revolve and it can be dimensioned as a radius or a diameter.

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Its in half-Dimension mode.

remove old dimension & then create a new dimension, but before you click the location, right-click and turn off the half-Dimension option,as u turn it off, all new dimensions will be normal.

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How to change the units in Catia in the drawing. When I do the piece I set the units in mm. But when I do the drawing it changes to (in). I think there is an option to change this Not manual, but if automatically

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