Drafting issue with CATIA

Whenever I try to draft this CATIA Part (Fig1) specifically, it would show everything except the pockets (Fig2), it also shows the part in black (compared to grey) when I am selecting a certain view to draft (Fig3).
I tried different parts in the same drafting window and that only happens with this one.

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3 Answers

What do your generation settings look like? You can also right-click on your view frame around the part, go to properties, and change the type of generation there. Each will give you a different view result and possibly fix your issue of not seeing the pocket geometry.

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the problem is related with your solid body. check your specification tree, there is probably an extra element (feature) here.

this generally occurs when you try drag and drop some elements. or occurs accidently drag and drop due to pan and rotate movements.

check it carefully.

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The drawing views should show the part exactly as you see it in the 3D part file.

Try editing the 3D: right-click on the PartBody and choose the Define In Work Object item. Then go back to the drawing and Update it.

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