Drill hole for tool holder

Dear team,
I would like to make tool holder for engraving head.

I have tried to use regular drill tool but problem is that hole is not concentric after drilling.
Tool diameter is 3/32
I have to use custom tool holder because mass of assembly has to be small.

I am electronic and software developer so please do not mind if i ask something stupid.


3 Answers

Maybe you can figure out how to adapt a small, dremel-style collet to your engraver. I presume there's too much mass if you add the chuck?

Hello Robert,
Thanks for reply.

I will try.
Yes, it is important to keep mass very small because I need to have fast response.

This is engraver in action :)

What about an ER11 collet chuck?

pg 91: https://www.sommatool.com/catalog/Collet%20Chucks.pdf