Drive belt in Inventor 2011

I have made a drive belt in Inventor 2011 using the design accelerator. The drive belt is by default grounded and I cannot undo that.
When the representation is in solid or sketch then the whole assembly moves without a problem. If I change the representation to detailed, then the assembly doesn't move (because the teeth of the belt interact with the teeth of the pulleys). What I should do is unground the drive belt but for some reason I can't.
Any ideas?

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The only thing I could come up with was this
The thing is that design accelerator is there to save you time from having to design a drive belt, pulleys and cog wheels from skratch and of course update your BOM and make strength calculations.
I don't know if this is possible in Inventor 2013 but if not then it will be on my wishlist for Invnetor 2014.

I could use a simple V-belt but it just isn't right. I need a timing belt there.

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I've been thinking about this exact scenario for a while, as I was trying to animate a machine with a cog belt for the client to see the motions. The best I could come with at that point was to use a regular v-belt without timing teeth, This let me animate without too many problems.

As near as I can figure, you can not make a part like a belt move along it's own path because there is no way to make a constraint that you could drive.

I'd really love to see a "proper solution" and be able to drive a belt or chain drive system.

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