DWG import into Lumion

I am Trying to import a DWG file into Lumion. I have created the DWG file from an Autodesk inventor assembly. when i import the file into Lumion it turnes up Very Very large, even when i try to reduce the size and scale it down it is still gigantic.

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If DWG/DXF does not work for some reason, you can export an FBX file which can be imported into Lumion via AutoCAD's built-in FBX exporter - just bear in mind that materials are not transferred correctly in this format:(file no. 1)

Exporter options:

Select the Copy textures to single location option.
(file no.2)

I can't assign a Lumion material to individual surfaces?
Lumion will always combine surfaces that use the same material in AutoCAD. If you want to assign a Lumion material to a specific surface, you must assign a unique material to that surface in AutoCAD before exporting the model.

How do I update the model in Lumion after making changes to it in AutoCAD?
Use the Reload model function in Lumion.

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