Dynapro Single caliper from wilwood ( 120-9689-LP)

Does anyone has the Dynapro single Caliper CAD/working drawing or even has the caliper itself to give me the overall dimensions of the caliper ?

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Not the best resource, but there is a drawing with overall dimensions on this site. Other dimensions would have so be scaled.


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The best option is to order a caliper and take measurements from it, or scan it in.
Even if someone had a model available, how would you be able to verify the accuracy?
If this is for an actual production project, I'd get the most accurate data available by taking my own measurements.
It could be worthwhile to contact the manufacturer as well. They have CAD data. They may be unwilling to part with it, but it would be in their best interest to share the data in some format since it will insure their part(s) get specified into the design process.

I have to assume that the location of mounting bolts is pretty standard on calipers like this. Without some standard bolt locations, it would be very difficult to manufacture a different caliper of every make and model of vehicle.

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