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Hi. I want to model a fishing lure in solidworks. Tried something but i-m not sure it is the easiest way. Inspiration from here. I need the 3d to make a mould. thanks.

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My interpretation mainly concerns cross-sectional shapes. The depth of the offsets may be easily modified by shifting more or less the surface of the fish. The news swept surfaces are not tangent to the original surface of the fish. I thought this was not a necessity.

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There is no easy way to model your decoy. I made a smooth hump of a fish which I added the offset surfaces and smoothed surfaces.
see video


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Tried something diffrent. it is not as good as your model but it's a start

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I think an important first step is going back and cleaning up Sketch2. You've created it as a continuous spline with many control points. If you re-draw it with multiple line, arc, and spline segments, you'll have fewer control points, and the curvature of the model will be much better. I've attached two screenshots as reference.
A shaky foundation can lead to problems later on when you try to blend surfaces and obtain a nice result.

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Could you attach the 3d model? can't see the video, it's only a picure.The picture looks good anyway.

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I tried something but can't get the nose part right. could you attach you part?

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