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Edges highlight, very slow loading.

By Albert on 08 Jun 20:30 2 answers 1 comment

My problem is I have unchecked the dynamic highlight from graphics view,
but edges still load everytime the mouses passes over operations on FeatureManager. Some operations like big patterns take over 2 minutes for loading
and I have to wait each time.

Is there a way to unabling at all this?
I´ve unchecked all highlighting of edges but it still happens.

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2 answers

  • Nate Sharpe
    Nate Sharpe about 3 years ago

    The dynamic highlighting for mouse-overs in the FeatureManager is handled in a different menu in options. Go to "System Options"->"FeatureManager"->uncheck "Dynamic Highlight".

  • Adhid Praditya
    Adhid Praditya over 3 years ago

    Do you first user of solidworks? If yes, you need upgrade your pc or laptop. If no, may be you can make simple view model like framework to reduce loading system

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