Edges highlight, very slow loading.

My problem is I have unchecked the dynamic highlight from graphics view,
but edges still load everytime the mouses passes over operations on FeatureManager. Some operations like big patterns take over 2 minutes for loading
and I have to wait each time.

Is there a way to unabling at all this?
I´ve unchecked all highlighting of edges but it still happens.

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3 Answers

The dynamic highlighting for mouse-overs in the FeatureManager is handled in a different menu in options. Go to "System Options"->"FeatureManager"->uncheck "Dynamic Highlight".

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go to Options > System Options > Display > Selection > Anti-Aliasing  and select "None"

fixed the problem for me

Anti-aliasing is a software technique to smooth out jagged looking edges. There's hardly a difference when I turned it off, but I'm guessing lower powered graphics cards cannot handle anti-aliasing very well.

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Do you first user of solidworks? If yes, you need upgrade your pc or laptop. If no, may be you can make simple view model like framework to reduce loading system

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