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I have a kind request to all engineers.
My 14 year old so stepped this week into the world of 3d modelling.
he made two models, "wooden plate" and "granite plate with red candle"
i told him that if he posted these models on grabcad, that he will receive notifications from all over the world. Upto now only one remark...
Is there anybody who will boost his ego and place a remark on one of these models.
This will boost his ego enormously.
Thanks in advance.. liking the model not needed, because its a simple start, but notification are highly appreciated...........

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3 Answers

You need to set him up with his own GC account! I thought these were just some of your models at first glance so I didn't take the time to take a closer look. Well done Hans and Mees. My oldest is going to be 4 in a few days but I can't wait to see if they become interested in engineering and 3D modeling. I love it!!!

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Really a Good Start! Keep on rockin... (umpf... Modeling!)

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