Embedded GRABCAD viewer control glitch ?

When I embed the viewer on my website, I am seeing some weirdness up at the view control buttons (at top right of viewer )
The right side of the view orienting button is not properly aligning with the elements below it
(just noticed same thing on the eyeglasses example here)

Is it only a browser issue (using chrome)
ALSO: Anyway to get this embed working on iPad ?
I know I can save an edrawing as an HTML and embed it on our website, but it will only work with less than 1/2 the world's devices.... Explorer 5.whatever I need an ios solution

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2 Answers

I believe the viewer uses web GL and iOS does not support this so currently, there is no way to view the 3D viewer on an apple mobile device. :(

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Sorry, that was two questions. I noticed it should have gone to the "I wish this page"
after I posted

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