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Engineering/CAD terms to replace GrabCAD's "Heart " to like a model

By JP Johnston on 05 Feb 14:56 33 answers 42 comments

Hey y'all,

I talked to Sara about the addition of a "Like Button" to replace the heart for liking a model. She said to get some people together and come up with some ideas for words. We need to use some engineering or CAD related arlance to do this right. I need some assistance as usual. I will send her an email if we can get this thing going so she can follow this.

Come on people, let's gitter done!!!


33 answers

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    I agree with you 150%. I have see models downloaded 500 times with 25 likes. Seriously?

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    I was not aware of that feature. Maybe y'all can integrate that into our profiles...

  • d6a1bcfb
    d6a1bcfb over 3 years ago

    The 'like' system with GrabCAD has long been a bone of contention with me. I don't really mind if it's a thumbs up, a heart a smiley face or whatever, the problem is getting people to use it. The only fair way for this to work is to tie it in with the download mechanism, if it's good enough to download then it's good enough to like it too.

  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    One problem I see if you were to tie the likes in to the downloads is this. I have downloaded several models that I thought were good, judging by renders and the 3D viewer, however, once opened for use in a project of mine, they were terrible. Not worthy of a like at all.

    Another problem would be that it would make the distinction between likes and downloads in our profile page meaningless.

    On the other hand, I will admit that I have downloaded very good, useable models in a hurry, and have forgot to give them a like for their quality work, so there is something to be said about that as well.

    I would agree that the little heart shaped icon for giving likes could use some work, maybe an updated icon that was placed in a different part of the page, such as in-line with the download button?

    The 500 download and 10 likes phenomenon, I think, is unavoidable. With 1 million users, 980,000 of those are just logging in to grab there free model and run without giving thought to giving a like. I could be wrong, it's happened once before.

    On a side note,I would personally like to see a little symbol that represented the quality of the model, such as an "Engineer Tested & Approved" icon


  • Antonio Pinfor™
    Antonio Pinfor™ over 3 years ago

    I totally agree with Jonny and I support your proposal.

  • Sara Sigel
    Sara Sigel over 3 years ago

    Think of it more as a favorite/save than a Like. Not sure if anyone else uses this feature,, but I find it useful to keep my all-time favorite models easy to access, which is a bit different than just liking them. As Jonny says, I'd love to hear some engineering or CAD terms that you would normally use

  • Tommy Mueller
    Tommy Mueller over 3 years ago

    Seems simple to me... change the graphic from a heart, to a gear. GrabCAD's all about the gears of technology. Done & done.

    The heart seems to be well antiquated for a website based on the power of engineers the same.

    Lets get it changes to a gear!

  • Kamyar
    Kamyar over 3 years ago

    I have been thinking of a more comprehensive rating system. Having like icons for creativity, modelling and presentation.
    We see great creativity that are glossed over because they are not presented or rendered well. On the other hand our 180th iPhone model is presented in a nice render with absolutely no creativity involved. Thumbs up icon also could come with a thumbs down icon as well or are our users not capable of handling criticism?

  • Ivo Alberti
    Ivo Alberti over 3 years ago

    I agree with Martin, for each download, should fit like automatically, and above all make it compulsory mathematics post whatever they may be, only the images, are not acceptable for me ...

  • Hans de Ridder
    Hans de Ridder over 3 years ago

    Yep!! Totally agree on this one...(but I do not think it will work though, everybody knows that it takes more steps to download a model than to like it..Agree with me?? So no matter what name, how big and colorful they make the button...There are vast amounts of "members" who are only here to "freeload" models and don't even have the courtesy to "thanks" us for our "blood, sweat and tears" we put into a model...
    Perhaps a drastic change is needed (as the GC team promised us in the past, because this is not the first time this issue comes up.. remember my model:
    Credits for downloads?? Notification of the down loaders?? I don't know but there has to be something CrabCad is a free haven for freeloaders (and idiots and thief's for that matter(still see a lot of work from "the other 3D sites uploaded here as own work, and Yes, "we like" it...see all the notifications...great, super, wonderfull etc) How stupid are "we"?
    This was also on of the issues GC was about to tackle, yes they invented the report button, but does this help??
    I think the GrabCad team needs to do what they promised on makin' this the best 3d site in the world, perhaps they are working on it as we speak and in a little while they come up with countermeasures against "the riff raff"......lets hope so...

  • Ivo Alberti
    Ivo Alberti over 3 years ago

    We are returning to the problem that showed Verislav Mudrak ... are 2 different things, Hans, shoot files and spacciarli not vote for their own and what you scaricato.Fatta specifying that each of us shares a project, and you want to make it public and share chiuque you can download it, and is accepted by us, we are talking about proper recognition, the viewer now works well and the quality of the model already seen, so if I download it is right that votes ... in my humble opinion ...

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    We need some terms here guys and gals...

    Lets get back on topic and we will start a gripe question about the above issues...


  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    When Sara says "idea for words" , is this just one word to replace the like icon? Also, if it's in English, will non-English speaking users understand it?

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago




  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    Just had an idea,
    what if when you opened a page there was a red banner above the renderings that said "RENDERINGS ONLY" , I personally would hate to have a big red flag above any of my images stating "RENDERINGS ONLY". Nothing distasteful, just a simple Bright red box that said something to that effect. Fellow grabcad users could click on an icon similar to the "report" button that flagged the model of renderings only.

    I still can't think of anything that would be any better or more effective than the heart, simply because it is recognized by so many languages as the symbol for like. A gear icon to me would make me think it's a settings of some sort if I didn't know any better.

    While I am against linking likes with downloads, I will concede that it is not out of the question entirely, but a 1:1 ratio would put thing out of balance. I'd 10 downloads =1 like, but then it all just gets complicated.

    And if the likes and linking merge, I am going to upload individual nuts and bolts, washers, gears, batteries, lights, wires, etc. Things that take me 5 minutes to model so I can crank out tons. I will be in the number one spot in 6 months time I AM JUST JOKING!!! but some people may have this view

  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    what about a star system. 1 star = 1 point, 2 stars = 3 points, 3 stars = 5 points (or whatever). You could then use that type of system to weed out bad models in searches, as in "SEARCH = 3STARS". Or when you get 20 3 star ratings, your model gets a badge ( a simple plain-jane badge). 50 3 star ratings, your model get's an "ENGINEER APPROVED" badge, 100 3 star ratings you get the best badge (whatever that may be)

    I figure if I come up with enough ideas to replace the like button, one has GOT to catch on :P

  • Dick Lowe
    Dick Lowe over 3 years ago

    Why not something a bit more simplistic. If a member downloads a file why not have the server "nag" or ask the the downloader if they found the model useful and "Like" or "Not What I Needed" or "Junk" (not a model or better description...)

    My 2 Cents
    Dick Lowe

  • d6a1bcfb
    d6a1bcfb over 3 years ago

    @Sara I already use the my likes feature with GC. I download very little from GC, i see GrabCAD as a library, if I need a model then hopefully it's already in MyLikes or it's just a search away. But, and add to favourites button would still have a place in my opinion, for example i wouldn't 'like' an M16 nut with beveled edges, however I would add it to my favourites, then I know it's there when and if needed, then if downloaded, an automatic like to the modeller would be good as in Ivo's suggestion.

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago


    So how do you propose we stop the freeloaders then?

    Hans De Ridder just PM'd me stating this. I hate it too. There are several people on here that download the models and then repost them as theirs.

    I think this is a serious issue that needs to be addressed. Once GrabCAD has gotten past the trying to promote their WorkBench, maybe there will be time to assist we engineers with a couple of issues that we have...

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    As the day progresses more engineers and designers will be chiming in I am sure. I sent PM's to most of those that are very active here on GrabCAD and of course the top dogs...

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    You do have a point Sara. Lets get back to engineering terms. We can always start a plunder and pillage the freeloaders question...

  • 2e740e6c
    2e740e6c over 3 years ago

    @ JP Johnston For this problem GrabCad can add a COMPARISON tool to know if the model is already in the GC library or not. For example, it can compare the succession of the modeling features, the centre of the geometry and other properties....!!!

    I don't know if it can works but this is what I got!!

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago

    OK OK OK, we need to get back on topic here people...

  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    What if you simply made the heart icon in color, looks like it's grayed out, or inactive, not very bold and catchy. Or made it a red thumbs up icon instead.
    Hey, I'm trying here :)

  • William
    William over 3 years ago

    I like the heart button but as it is relates to every day network life on a social basis, but as a engineering community we are meant to be different and stand out from the crown so maybe a change is good. About getting a like automatically if your model is downloaded I have to disagree with this. People sometimes download models from GRABCAD based on there render of the model they are think they are downloading but sometimes get very disappointed as it is not the model they though. Hence the reason an auto like would be bad.... It is very easy to be great at rendering and with the right tools people can make the most beautiful render of a very bad model due to the quality of the model. It would be a great idea to have a comments section on each models page so that when others do download the model can leave a comment on the quality for others to read before they decide to download. This to will also help the modeller develop there skills over time when other members of the community are leaving comments on there models. As long as this feature does not get abused and is for constructive criticism only I think this would be another great addition to helping each other out within the community. After all we that is what life is all about helping one and other achieve the goals we have set upon our self to better our ability and knowledge day by day.... Life is all about education and GrabCAD has giving us the platform to educate others and be educated out self's......


  • dea
    dea over 3 years ago

    I agree with Martin, for each download, should fit like automatically, and above all make it compulsory mathematics post whatever they may be, only the images, are not acceptable for me
    Greetings DEA

  • JP Johnston
    JP Johnston over 3 years ago


    I think you may be on to something there bro engineer...

    @Sara Sigel

  • thinkin3D
    thinkin3D over 3 years ago

    what if you were to give incentive to handing out likes. I'm not talking about giving you points for giving likes, otherwise people would spend their 50 likes a day on junk models. Maybe show a "likes given" counter in your profile page. You could go to someones page and say" WHAT this guy has 100 models and has only given out 21 likes?!" I know I wouldn't want a super low like count.
    I must be doing something wrong though, because I've only maxed out my likes (used all 50 in 24 hours) ONCE, and that was because I was away for a bit and got bored and went through 3000 models :) 50 likes is a lot for a 24 hour period IMHO

    OK, my renderings are done, time to get back to work :)

  • Harvey Fonseca
    Harvey Fonseca over 3 years ago

    I will appreciate if at one go on a particular engineer, the models liked and not yet liked by me is displayed. This will surely save time. Time is money. I will not have to go to the individual model to see this status.

  • Patrick
    Patrick over 3 years ago

    Dear all. I don't think so important that like button change from heart to thumb or anything else, It is a pleasure for me to hit the like button for a nice work, even if I don't need to download it, It's for me the way to tell to the author I appreciate what he does. Of course the most downloaded models should be the most liked, if dowloaders were a bit grateful for the work made by others.
    Instead, what bothers me more is to see sometimes very nices renderings of objects (cars mainly) but no 3D file with the image. I thing GRABCAD could ask for uploading real models , not images only.
    Anyway, this is a nice and useful website, and I am fully grateful for the members. Please excuse my poor English , especialy at this moment, after a long day working.

  • Vladimir Palffy
    Vladimir Palffy over 3 years ago

    Hi folks,
    Jonny has great idea - change the Heart like button to something different.
    For my opinion it is not good if you change the sign to text (you can have some problems with multilanguage text) - the icon is much easy.

    I think that "thumbs up" is great idea (you can find it on every social networks), but GrabCAD is web space for Engineers - collaboration web space.
    And which sign is best for engineers? - I think that you know this answer :) ...and you know, that I do not think about money :)

    Thanks Jonny,

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