Engineering drawing software and lawsuit question?


For work, I am designing an object with a mechanic, and the supervisor on the project wants engineering drawings to go with the part. I want to use a CAD engineering software tool with engineering software (i.e. Solidworks) to get the job done since I'm not very good at freehand technical drawing.

I'm tempted to download a free trial of AutoCAD, learn how to make drawings there, then make drawings of the part me and my mechanic are designing. However, since it's a company product, there might be some legal issues involved with using AutoCAD in this way.

Here are my questions:

(a) Are my concerns valid? Should I worry about a potential lawsuit if I learned and used AutoCAD via a free trial and then used it to make engineering drawings of my part without actually owning the software?

(b) If AutoCAD is no good, is there something else I can use (for free or really cheap) that will allow me to make computerized engineering drawings of my part?

Thanks guys.

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1 Answer

Try Autodesk Fusion 360. It has some hiccups but is only $40usd/month and has great a support site

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