Engraving a logo or graphic in solidworks

I am new to the world of CNC and CAD. I have taken a G-code class and a beginners SW class. My project I am working on I have laid out in SW. I would like to add a custom touch to it by putting a custom logo or graphic on it to be engraved followed by anodizing. I have done some engraving of plain text but anything past that I cant seem to do. I have tried taking a graphic and turning it into a vector file and inserting it into my solidworks part. The problem is if I try to extrude it solidworks yells at me for all kinds of reasons. I see there are different programs just for engraving etc. My concern with going that route is the ability or lack of being able to place the logo or graphic in a precise location. I am sure with trial runs I could get it close to where I want the engraving to be. Seems kind of backwards considering I can mill the rest of the part to be with-in .001" tolerance.

Thanks for any advice

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Easiest way to add text on a model is to use text as a sketch entity, and then (cut)extrude it. Or use the wrap feauture.
Thing is, if you use a sketch with lines etc, the sketch must be closed. You can detect errors with the 'repair sketch' command (in the sketch tab in the command manager).
If this is a logo, it's best to make a block of it, easy for reusing this.

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