Equivalent Solidworks 'fill' command in Catia?

Surface fill in Solidsworks is incredibly powerful, incredibly so. I think it is solely down to the Parasolids kernel as I cannot find an equivalent function in Catia (of which i am a novice by the way). For example do a violin outline( with the square bits!) and the inside body curves and Sworks will produce a surface which is curvature continuous .Is it possible to do this in Catia? and how? Catia is so unintuitive compared to Solidworks but Adam from Cadjunkie swears it has better surfacing abilities so i thought I'd give it a shot and apart from the obvious conics ability in Catia the parasolid kernel seems way more powerful. By the way I have also tried this in Alias and got knowhere ,took the curves from Alias to Solidworks and bam curvature continuous class a surface!

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2 Answers

In GSD workbench, is a fill command, choose the boundaries, add tangent surfaces, etc...


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Schule, yes I know but it doesn't work as easy as SWorks fill or as well, try it Has anyone else got 2 cents to add?
Sworks is a solid modeler yet it seems to have surfacing funcionality way way better than Catia and Alias!

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