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Error in Catia opening my files

By GEORGE K on 14 Nov 18:53 4 answers 6649 views 6 comments

Hi i have a problem with my catia V5r18 ... I have made a big amound of catparts and products and suddenly i can't open them... when i click the catpart , catia opens and then a message appears saying "Loading failed".. I can't understand what happened...I made these parts using this exact version.. Can u help me please because it's all of my work... Thank u in advance

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  • özgür kesebir
    özgür kesebir almost 3 years ago

    change the file directory and do not use space between file names and use eng characters for names.

    GEORGE K almost 3 years ago

    ok sure but i have to write it like an answer. In th first picture i open the piston_pin.CatPart from my folder using catia->file->open->my documents->CatParts->piston_pin.Catpart and a message says "Loading failed" appears.
    Then i moved the piston_pin.CatPart to my desktop double click on it and it opens with Catia

    Answered with a tutorial:

    GEORGE K over 2 years ago

    just in case someone has the same problem... it's all about the region that you have set in settings. I had English (USA) but my directories were in Greek so there was a reading problem with the characters... I changed the region in Greece and everything works perfectly ! So it's the same thing in all languages

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