export motion study from solidworks to adams

Hi every one
I made CAD Assembly using Solidworks and I am trying to export the design to adams
(first attempt : import assembly file , second attempt : only one part)
in both attempt I got error
"Parasolid PK-PART_recieve : file not found"
then I tried to import solidworks motion analysis
like this video:
but again I got same error (five time : number of parts in assembly)
I don't know how to solve this problem so I need help please .........
I put in attachment pictures how I imported solidworks motion analysis to adams ,error I got and adams view after click ok on error windows

I am using
Solidworks 2013 premium
msc adams 2013.2 student edition
windows 7 64bit

can any one help me to solve this problem!!
thanks all

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2 Answers


to import from solidworks to msc adams:

1) in solidworks you must generate a movement study to analyse your system

2)once the movement analisys was performed, it can be export in .adm, which msc adams can read and it's import the markers, gravity mass centers and all the other things.

i've tried with parasolid like you but the point with parasolid is that when you have a very complex system like a robot, parasolid only give you the dimensions of figure, no the markers and cm for the cosimulation.

I hope this help you

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I changed the working directory to where my exported file was located. It worked surprisingly.

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