Export to DXF and DWG in SW2013 for sheet metal, how often do you use it? Is there any alternative to this?

I do use export in DXF and DWG is SolidWorks for sheet metal and I think it is much faster than to go in AutoCAD and edit it.But my fellow engineers who I work with, are against it they think it can make mistakes, I have to convince them to use it do you have any advise or any other program that can make it even faster converting to DXF and DWG in SolidWorks?

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The only times a solidworks Modeler needs those views is when a third party who will make your parts needs it for their equipment. When I was designing RC helicopters I used it for the composite frames because that's what the shop needed for their router. I would place pieces in a pattern on a sheet to get the most pieces cut from one sheet of material and turn it all into a dwg file.
For sheet metal I suppose some shops do plasma cutting on parts and may use dwg format for their equipment.

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