Exporting Solidworks to Maya

I have been attempting to export solidworks parts to maya for a few days now and I cant figure it out. I have tried using .stl, 3ds, and all the other files maya supposedly accepts. Every time I try Maya works for less than a second then returns, "error to read file." I've even tried the fxb file converter autodesk provides to supposedly help the CAD to Modeling process but I get the same error.
I have done some research and I have updated the DirectConnect plugin to the 2011 version, but no luck. Supposedly the 2011 version doesn't support importing .sld(x64) files directly, but it should still work after exporting the file to a common 3d file...yes?

I have also tried quite a few combinations/isolations of the maya plugins to avoid any unwanted interactions but no luck there either. Totally stumped.

solidworks '11(x64)
maya '13(x64)

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There are several routes you might try.

1) http://solidsmack.com/resources/free-solidworks-obj-export-macro

2) Go through Rhino then export it from there to Maya.

3) Go through Modo and then kick it out to Maya.

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Amazing. That obj exporter did the trick. Took a few minutes to install and set it up right but it works great. Thanks

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Maybe Maya work only with surfaces. When you exporting a file try first to make a surface model and then export to appropriate file.
I do not know a formats which Maya read, but usualy a solid model can confuse a inporter if they have not a options for import.
Also SW have definitons for lights, cameras, colors of faces and this also can be a problem for Maya importer.

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Autodesk DirectConnect supports the import of SolidWorks part *.sldprt and assembly *.sldasm files into the Autodesk Alias, Autodesk Maya, Autodesk Showcase, Autodesk Opticore Studio, and 3ds Max/3ds Max Design software.

Import SolidWorks files

Note: Solidworks and Maya should be installed on the same machine in which you are importing

1. Choose the menu path in your installed Autodesk software product:
Autodesk Maya (Windows version) File > Open Scene or File > Import

2.Select a SolidWorks part (*.sldprt) or assembly *.sldasm file. If you cannot see the files, start the SolidWorks software, minimize its window, and then try again to open the files.
3.Click OK, or Open to launch the translator and import the file into the scene.
Note: To maintain the original positioning and orientation of part files in your scene, import the assembly file. Importing part files before the assembly file positions all of them at the origin (0,0,0) and removes the original positioning.

Type of data imported

The software imports NURBS for this file format and maintains the following information on import:

Precise geometric surface and topology information
Data organization
Tolerances and unit

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I am a CGI Artist / Maya user
I was given several .prt files of engine parts, which I understand are pro engineer part files from Solid Works. Unfortunately, I do not own Solid Works, only Maya. Maya does not recognize the .prt file type. Can anyone please recommend a way to confer those files to .objs, so that I can import them into Maya 2015 or 2016.

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Most easy? Have Solid Works open. All parts you want to export unsuppressed and saved. Drag the saved file from the filefolder over the taskbar to the "OPEN Maya icon" and then keep dragging up, until the Maya windows opens. Release in a viewport ....

That's it folks :-) Hope you enjoy this one :-)))

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