Extrude areas in Ansys Mechanical APDL


can someone please help me with a question in Ansys?
I am working in mechanical APDL and i would like to connect these 3 models (airfoils, see attached foto) as a single volume.

I am trying to design a blade with different scale along it. I have already design the airfoils with the specific scales and i can't connect them in order to make my blade model.
I think that extrude command will be a solution but i don't know how i can connect the different airfoils.
Any idea?

Thank you in advance

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I've never used APDL but I do a lot of this 'type' of modeling. You need a surface function that will build the sections (G0). In some packages, this will be a "thru curves" type command. In others, it might be a "lofting" command. Either way, you need something that allows multiple sections to be selected. You can then run analysis to check deviation from original, if that is something you care about, then modify degree & tolerance accordingly.

Good luck.

see attached

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In modeling there will be an option to operate then extrude any area.

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Thank you a lot for your answers my friends.
I didn't find something yet about how connect these surfaces.
The last previous days i was trying the extrude command.
I tried the extrude ==> areas ==> along Normal , but i could't scale the second volume normal.
I think that maybe the extrude ==> areas ==> by xyz offset is the solution but i can 't find how is used yet.

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