Extrude or revolve - which is best for round/circular objects?

Which is better to use when modelling circular objects - revolve or extrude?

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This is purely a personal preference but i would say revolve.

My reasoning being if you do not rename features in your feature tree it makes it a lot easier to search through if you have a lot of features on a part.

I also believe they are alot easier to work with regarding size changes unless you want to project the circle to a surface... In that instance extrude is the obvious one.

Revolve is also alot better when it comes to complex shapes as they can be revolved together i none feature where as extruding different sized circles will create more features in your tree that are not needed.

There are many ways to do one thing in CAD and definitely not usually a right or wrong way. Most of the time its personal preferences and how you have been taught. Which do you prefer???

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In my work, it depends on what the part is used for, and what editing I for see. In some cases it should clearly use one method, but in many it really doesn't matter. Those cases I default to revolutions for the same reasons Robert mentions.

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I'm using revolve,then, when it comes to 2D detailing,the line seems like not straight and hard to select.

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