Eye of volute Error in Drawing. Where is problem

I study classical architecture on spare time I just like it. I often have come across a problem drawing by hand or computer the ionic volute its not exactly the golden spiral but its based on it. How this was drawn in the classical age and carved out of stone is unknown. Some say they did it free hand quite impossible other say they had some geometrical method which was lost. Now what we know today is what Vitruvius wrote. Basically you have the dimension of the volute top to bottom you take that you divide by 8, on the fifth partition you make a circle that is equal one partition which is the 5th one. Now inside the circle you make 90 degree square inside that circle you make another one and another one and so one until you get 5-6 squares inside each other. You start from the second circle and make quarter circle then you move to the next one and so on. you can see pictures below. Technically the spiral should be flawless and get narrower as you get near the end and just fade nicely to the circle in the middle. When I try to draw it by hand or computer I get whole other problem when I get near the center circle the spiral doesnt fade out and it does not get narrow? Wheres the problem I can do it if I shift the location of the quarter circles around but I want to understand why the Vitruvius method does not work? as you can see in my solidworks drawing im following it exactly and it does not come out right.

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Hello mate. I have succeeded in using the prescribed method to model the Ionic Volute. The images show my construction with help geometry on top of one of the templates you provided. I ONLY use circle arcs in the modelling from centers shown as points in figure 3. When you model the inner volute, you have to move some of the circle centers closer to origin in order to get the volutes to converge.
Also look at the model: Ionic Volute Design

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My previous grid is incorrect that is why the volute does not work. I understand where the problem is now. After you draw the circle for the eye of volute. you draw a 90 degree square. you divide the inside of the square in three equal parts that is where the center of the quarter circles will be. I understand now thanx steen/ To get the second part of the volute the narrowing. You must offest the 3 squares by a certain percentage I thinks its 1/3 square to square see volute 2

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