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I need help converting an f3d model to stp or wrl. I don't have access to either Windows or MAC, (I'm on Linux). Would someone be so kind as to load and export a file for me?

I'm designing a circuit board in KiCAD, and I need the 3d model for size/shape modeling. The model is already here in GrabCAD, and I simply need a different file format than the one offered by the author. I have tried to contact the author but have not received a response.


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Yahya T Khedr,
Thanks for the suggestion.
I am on Linux, so I cannot run Fusion360.

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Do you have access to Fusion 360?
You'll have to open the file in Fusion 360, then export it into the desired format.

This "𝙢𝙖𝙮" convert it, probably not: https://www.meshconvert.com/

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I am also a KiCAD user and would be happy to convert the Fusion360 file to a STEP file. Please send me the file via a private message.

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