Face color in Inventor, .ipt

For exemple, if I have a hollow cylinder and I want to paint the exterior face and I want a chrome texture in the interior face, how do I select the faces and paint them individually?

Thank you

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Hi Nutescu,

Other way you can do it is right clicking on the face you want to change and select properties, there you can see the drop-down list with Inventor's material styles and select the one you want for that individual face.

You can multi-select several faces using the control key, then right click and go to properties to change several face color/textures at the same time.

Hope this helps!


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I'm not primarily an Inventor user, but I've been playing around with it lately.

The way that I've found to do this is to select all the faces you wish to change the appearance of and then go to the tools tab, then to appearance. From there a window will open where you can select the appearance you wish to apply. Then simply right click on it and select apply to selections.

I hope this helps! Perhaps someone has an easier way to accomplish this?

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I agree with Joey on everything even on the fact that there is a shortcut... ...depends on which release you are using... ;P (Handshake to Joey)

You can change the appearance of a surface by selecting simply the face as mentioned above but also by selecting the features this will speed up the process...
In case you are working with 2013 it is even more convenient to play between the materials and a difference appearance with the buttons on the very top bar... (See attached Link I know is in a different language but I am sure that both of you will find this a good example)



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Thank you friends for your replies, all the solutions are good. I have the 2012 autodesk inventor professional version and It does not have the "appearance" buton in the tools menu so I did the trick with the ctrl button and right click - proprieties. The tutorial in turkish is very well done. :)

Cristi Nutescu, Romania

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