Facing problem in saving a part in Pro/Engineer wildfire 4.0

I am a New user... and trying to learn Pro Engineer Wildfire by my own
Every time I save a file (Using pro/e 4.0). I look there is a new version of the file. I don't understand why it doesn't just save it over the the same file.
please help.
Thank you

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This is just the way Pro-engineer works. It will continue to save a new version every time you hit the save button. This has a lot of advantages, namely the fact that the history of your model is preserved in each save. If something goes wrong with a newer save you can always open a previous version. The downside obviously is that you have larger file directory that can end up taking a lot of space. The good news is that you can clear your directory of old versions at any time. All you have to do is go to your system window under the utilities tab, then type in the word 'purge'. This will purge all old files in your working directory. Just be sure that before you start any project you are setting the working directory to the folder you want to work in.

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