Family Table

Dear Sir,

i want to know how can i create family table in unigraphic 7.5


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2 Answers

Hi, You need to go to "tools" and select "part families" deselect "importable family part template" checkbox , a warning will pop up, click "ok" then in drop down box you can change "expressions" to "features" then you can add columns, then click "create" and table and cells will appear and you can add values and edit them. then in the add ins menu bar select part family and then verify part, in the spreadsheet menu bar select part family then save family and you may save it as a template aswell, hope this helps, anymore help needed just ask.

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lol!! der's are no sirs here. everybdy is just a member. why dont u include a screenshot of the table you want? u may get better responses.

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