Figuring out dimensions and proportions.

Hey for those of you who make your own original designs in various modeling software, I was wanting to know how do you guys figure out the dimensions and proportions of the models that you make. How do you guys decide what size will look correct.
Sure I understand you do use other models as reference aids and also do some rough sketching on paper to get an elementary idea and also iterate your CAD models to refine them and refer to available literature on whatever you are modeling.
But how does one FIGURE out the DIMENSIONS and PROPORTIONS for original work.
I have a few things in mind that i want to design (I know CAD and can work alright on it) but I have had to put them off for a while because I could not figure out the sizing and proportions.
Any advise is welcome and highly appreciated, thanks.

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It really depends on the product. If it is something hand held, then it must be comfortable to hold, and fit the hand well. I'd find an object or item that already fits a hand well and start from there.

Other things like furniture typically follow some basic rules on proportions which have been handed down to us from the early Greeks.
If someone has an "artist's eye" for such things they can just create things with the correct proportions. The rest of us often try to follow some rules or guidelines.

You might see about getting a copy of a book on the subject. One that comes to mind is By Hand And Eye

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