File and property protection, rights, and usage

I know this topic has been brought up many times in the past, but I guess I'll bring it up again now that Grabcad has been sold out.
Is Stratasys doing anything to protect our property from the ever growing number of people on the internet who are taking our files and projects and selling them online for profit? It clearly states in the TOS that you are given the right as a user to download "for such user's own benefit and non-commercial, internal use". I believe this means that no one should be downloading and distributing around the world freely, and certainly not selling the files under their own name.

Has anyone else had recent experience with this problem? Is Stratasys/Grabcad helping with the issue or is it time to just delete my profile and start convincing others to do the same?

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I found a (few) of my models in another (Chinese) 3d website for sale....
Was not happy so I reported this to the GrabCad team.
Unfortunately GrabCad was unable to contact the webmaster....
Than looked a bit further (was not easy due to the language...everything was in Chinese) but I was able to contact the webmaster myself....models were removed, but the bitter taste is still in the back of my mouth...Not gonna upload technical usefull models anymore....In the past the GrabCad team "hunted down" those bastards, but i seems something has change in their policy......So......unfortunately our models are not safe...

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