Filled surface doesnt work for th cockpit design of this airplane, why? all is OK

I have seen different designs using this technique for cockpits and cowlings of RC airplanes, but definitely is not working here, I tried all combinations. If you check the design, I am trying to use
patch boundary : 3DSketch cockpit base
constraint curve 1: widecockpit sketch
constraint curve 2: cockpit profile sketch

THANKS A LOT, if you help me, if not, thanks for looking!!!

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I have played around with this I I think I got the surface results you were looking for. I am using SW 2012 so I had to use the STEP file and I only got an imported surface and solid. I recreated the three sketches from your picture the best I could. I tired to use both the filled and boundary surface commands with different sketches but in the end I got the best results using the 'Lofted Surface' command. Here is what I did:

Answered with a tutorial:

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