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Filletting problem in AutoCAD

By 05e830b5 on 28 Apr 16:06 5 answers 0 comments

I have a problem I need some help with, could anyone help me please? I can't fillet the long arcs in the screenshot and some other edges, however the short arcs will fillet...I am baffled as to why this.

I created the wavey shape as a polyline, then extruded it. I then used the scupt tool, then converted it to a solid but some of the arcs will not fillet. What am I doing wrong?

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5 answers

  • 05e830b5
    05e830b5 over 4 years ago

    Hi, thanks for your reply but I tried that and it didn't seem to want to sweep. I did try drawing each individual curve, extrude and fillet it, then just copy it. I just can't understand why it won't work when I draw it by creating a region then extruding it??? Sometimes Autocad does some strange things lol

  • rakesh
    rakesh over 4 years ago

    It seems to have different inside radii for opposite curves.
    Try using same radius (inside/outside) then use fillet.

    Also try for reducing fillet radius.

  • 05e830b5
    05e830b5 over 4 years ago

    Hi Rakesh, I have tried most things to fillet the wave shape but it still doesn't seem to work, although when I create the shape as one arc, then fillet it, it works...then all I do is copy and rotate to create the wave shape. I'm also experiencing difficulty filletting between two solid edges (in a different area), the fillet tool will highlight the area to be filletted but when I press enter there isn't a fillet?!?!?!

  • Carl Garthwaite
    Carl Garthwaite over 3 years ago

    In AutoCad 2006 through 2008, one thing that I've noticed which causes the process to "crash" while attempting to fillet, is when I pick an edge, then select "chain", the "chained" fillet path will stop at any "point" that is not curved. Usually, if you continue picking edges until you have a "closed path", the filletting will work anyway. Occasionally, I'll miss one segment and it will crash. So be sure to select all the edges along the way. Also, sometimes there will be interference with existing fillets, or maybe "jags" where there is a tiny "z" shaped edge (ie: an artifact from unioning or subtracting). In those cases, I need to either undo other fillets before proceeding (do those later), or somehow remove the "jags". Often this involves redrawing the entire object. Also, if you need to keep some edges 90 degrees, you may want to make the object large enough to allow filleting and cut away the area where you need to have 90 degrees.

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