finding companies products in CAD environment

I know that the programs have their content library for beams, circlips,screws and so on for standard items, but where do you get more complex assemblies such as hydraulic cylinders, tires, axles,engines, motors that the companies have to offer...
I know for the SMC corporation but they have only pneumatic components which I don't need at the current project.
In the end point I can still just construct it on my own, but it's much easier to have something already done,and that is the exact replica as the one you are going to buy in the end.
Can anyone give me some directions?

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a good place to start is here

Also many component manufacturers have 3D models available on their websites such as, for example, SEW, and SKF. Component manufacturers want you to choose their parts for your designs, the better ones make this as easy as possible, along with data to make your choice, a 3D model to use in your assembly.

Comments 0 has a good number of 3D CAD models for products they sell.
Otherwise it is a good idea to contact the manufacturing company of the parts you are looking for. Some will work with you and provide files, others won't return your calls.

Your remaining step is to pull out a pair of calipers and build the models you need by taking measurements from an actual part.

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I've found that contacting the company, if their models don't exist online, is the best way to get specific models/assemblies. The key there is not just asking for a model, but to state that you are working on a project in which you'd like to include member(s) of their product family. I typically get model pretty quickly that way and probably an email from a local sales rep. Then again, sometimes I get nothing and that's fine... I decide right then and there, that I wouldn't care to do business with that company anyways.

As for sources, I prefer companies that have well organized (easily navigable) websites that give you all the pertinent engineering data about the product.

Misumi would be one such example. Igus would be another... but there are many, just as there are websites I absolutely dread using. Then again, I typically find an alternative source when that's the case...

I also find that designing strictly to imperial units a bit more than limiting in terms of product availability and integration.

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cmalco has it perfectly summed up of what you should do in any case. I have a couple sites below that I use all the time.

Here are some places I use.

Mcmaster Carr
Carr Lane
Schunk (Uses Robot Grippers and other types of work holding)

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