Finding watertight leaks for flow simulation?

I am struggling a lot to find the water leaks in the models (attached) so I can run flow simulation. I tried many solutions but can't seem to get any to work. I am a beginner using Solidworks but I really need to get this sorted for my assignment. Desperate for a solution! Thanks in advance.

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One method to easily spot gaps and holes, is setting the background to black. Any holes (highlighted in blue), are then much easier to spot.

NEW_STD_CASE has no holes or gaps, it is a single solid body.

NEW_FAN_BLADE has two solid bodies. One is the fan blade, the other is a large cylinder.
It also has a surface body, which appears to be a duplicate fan blade.

I'd delete the cylindrical solid body (unless you need it for something), and the surface body of the fan blade.

Deleting bodies is as easy as right clicking on them in the graphics view, or feature tree, and choosing "delete/keep body"

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