Fixing interferences

I'm attaching the files of a project I'm working on, and I'm having a hard time figuring out how to fix the interferences between 2 parts in the assembly file.
I tried to fix it for hours, but nothing! No matter what I do, I still get this XXmm^3 interferences - even though all the measures are correct.
I would be more than happy if you could trace where the problem is and help me finish this project... (The file is called: "Assem-new", and the interferences is between the smasher and the slider).

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2 Answers

Using the "Interferences Detection" command in Solidworks (in the assembly workplace) I see that two of the bodies intersect with each other, which is obviously an unwanted situation.
The problem is that I can't fix it - I'm pretty sure it happens due to wrong measures I gave to the parts, thus, the parts get into each other, but I can't solve it no matter what I do.
So I was hoping you could assist me locating the problem and fix it.

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