Flatten an oval pipe with cut on angle

I have modelled a oval pipe 68 x 32 and have put an angled cut 42mm diameter through it at 70 degrees. I now want to make a flat pattern as a template for cutting. Not so hard with a round tube but I just can't seem to get a oval tube. I have tried cutting a slice through the oval to get an edge to base my sheet metal on but it does not work. Any ideas appreciated.

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In sheet metal you must use loft feature and thin feature and profile of pipe must not be connected -( it must be some space between ends). then cut a pipe at desired angle and flatten.

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Hi Aled, here is the joint I am trying to convert into a flat pattern, its so a paper template can be made to make the cut in the oval pipe. As I have said round is relatively easy but oval I just can't get anywhere. Even cutting it in half and trying to do on side does not work.

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Thanks Tomica,
Worked straight away never thought of that, a little more fiddly than I would have expected. But the end result is what I want thanks again.

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There are many examples of flattening similar surfaces from ExactFlat. Check this out:

http://www.exactflat.com/ Scroll down a little you will find the flattening video


hope this helps

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