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Hello again.

Another noobie question (I have many)

I am trying to flip the two holes on the right, over to the left without changing the orange part in the middle. Need all the measurements to be exactly the same but on the other side as well as the metal plate pushed over as well. So basically, everything mirrored (flipped, no copy) over except the orange part.

In the photo I am adding, this is an example of what I mean.

Some may ask why I made it this way in the first place.
Reason: This is a bracket going onto my spindle and so I made sure to measure everything from where it is on the original bracket. This is for passenger side bracket but I need the holes and everything on the one side, to be on the other since that is why I am making this bracket.

I greatly appreciate it in advance and again, sorry for the noob questions.

Searched but didnt find something that would work. Always comes up with errors.

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Not quite sure what you want to do see attached file, I simply extruded cut the section then mirrored the part

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do you mean flip the lugs on the LEFT over to the RIGHT leaving center holes as they are?

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Hi Do you mean miirored this way for opp hand

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