Flow simulation in Solidworks over a smooth cylinder does not give right value of Drag coefficient

When I perform a flow simulation over a smooth cylinder at Re (Reynolds number) =34100, the value of Drag coefficient is supposed to be around 1.2. However, I am getting only 0.3-0.4 values which are far from those to be true. I was trying to change the mesh density, however it did not improve the results, they were jumping from 0.4 to 1.5 at different Reynolds numbers without making any sense. It is part of my thesis project and i am intending to perform simulations over more complex dimple geometries applied to the surface of the cylinder. A flow simulation over a smooth cylinder was chosen as it is well known and well researched fundamental case. Could you please tell me what the possible errors might be and check the attached file where there are all initial conditions and settings i have used.


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