For a newbie starting out in CAD, what's the best value for software to get first?

I ask about "value" because I figure there is a balancing point between quality of the program and the cost of it. So maybe "free" isn't worth it if there are inexpensive programs to get. What do you guys recommend?

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3 Answers

Try Autodesk softwares like AutoCAD/Inventor. They are free of cost (Free Student version). Also the Autodesk student community & GrabCAD is full of tutorial & examples to learn.

Wishing good luck.

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Would need to agree with Sudhir Auto desk are really good with giving away there software.
There is also Google sketch up that is a free software.

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There is an free option that i would like to hear feedback from. If you can run linux as an operating system there is a opensource alternative called libreCAD.

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