Foundry Ladle Lid

I am a 4th year a apprentice and have been assigned the project of changing the way in which we retain heat in our ladles. Currently we have a steel lids lined with castable material set into them, which requires relining periodically due to their current method of being slammed shut, then locked into place.
We have decided that Ladles with a pivoting swing arm is the way to go and have sourced a company called fibrestone which provide a stronger compound which has steel strands cast within it.
Process so far: Rough model of ladle to provide dimensions and ensure clearances are ok in different operating positions. Ladle lid has been designed and a method of rotating the lid implemented.
Issues: Foundry manager is unhappy with the method of locking the ladle open/closed. Due to operating temperatures he wants the method to allow the operator to be as far away from the opening of the ladle as possible. Realised that once the lid is rotated, there is nothing attaching the lid to the shaft.
Required: Method of locking Lid in open / clothed position. Method of fixing Lid to Ladle, whilst allowing free movement of the shaft.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!

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