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Many years ago there was a free online translation und file checker service on STEP Tools Inc.. That was the best service available for engineers on the internet. You could translate online files between .x_t (Parasolid), .sat (Acis) und .stp (AP214 and AP203). It would be great if now a days GrabCAD could offer such an online service.

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Meanwhile you could use CAD Exchanger ( Can convert STEP to IGES, STEP, Parasolid, ACIS, and STL, VRML, X3D. Soon to JT.
There is GUI and Command Line Interface (for batch translation).

Not really free but evaluation is free.

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Dear Roman,
Thank you very much for your great service. But I think cadexchanger will for the long run not free, because you have to earn money with this tool, on GrabCAD it would be another story, because they live from advertising and cadexchanger is so far as I understood no online service. So you have to download the program towards your computer. The free STEP-Tools online service was great and just enough for the engineer community. It is absolutely enough to concentrate on the large two kernels Parasolid and Acis and the neutral format STEP. Look at my cadverter picture in the annex.



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dear Jordan Husney, your link is helpfull, thanks for all, Roman Lygin , ,

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