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Freelancers: Need MARINE WINCH modeled in Solidworks

Question by Alex Sheen

I am interested in hiring a freelance designer to replicate this winch in solidworks. I am a model boat enthusiast and want to 3d print it for my model boat. I have 20+ reference photos and the overhead and side view drawings in pdf.

Budget: $200
Level of detail needed: Medium. (I do not need the bolt heads, hydraulic hoses, or wiring done)
Delivery time: 2-3 weeks maximum

Please email me at with pictures of your past projects.

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2 Answers

Alex Sheen
Answered on 10 Feb, 2017 09:01 PM

Here is the side view for reference. This is a jpg screen shot of the pdf for reference only.

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devi cad
Answered on 30 Oct, 2017 05:23 AM