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From Inventor to STL

By Alex Pratt on 02 May 15:22 1 answer 0 comments

Can someone convert my Super Mario files to STL for me and teach me how to do it myself along the way? I would deeply appreciate it!

1 answer

  • Jonathan DeRoner
    Jonathan DeRoner over 1 year ago

    Hi Alex,

    Its actually quite simple. If your files are ipt, and iam. files like most files are in inventor, you'll have to open them first.

    Once you open them, in the drop down for new, open, save, etc. , go to export, then cad format.

    Once there, in the menu that appears there should be a "save as type" drop down at the bottom. The option for stl. format is in there.

    Let me know if this works.

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