From SketchUp to STL Plugin?

I just saw the 3d View option...
and I want to use it

how can i export STL or 3d view from sketchup?

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there are several plugings available for sketchup that can do this, I have 3 of them installed in my sketchup 8, googling on such plugins is easy

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thanks didier I will try them later...

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there is a plugin from sycode for exporting a sketch up file to STL file,but not for free you have ti purchase it.

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if you want to pay for plugins, sycode has many plugins for a large variety of CAD platforms.
and there is also simlab:
they also have a plugin to import/export in many formats, including STL, but they're not free either.
there are such plugins available for free, and they can coexist in the same SU install, by showing up in different menus.
I use the STL import plugin from Jim Foltz, which shows up in the file>import menu and works great.
there is also an STL import export plugin that shows up in the plugins menu, it can be found on sketchucation and googling for its file name leads you there as well: su2stl.rbs
and there is one other that exports to either DXF or STL and shows up in the tools menu, but I forgot where it came from.

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One thing to check when export as an .stl file is that the faces of your model are all correct (not flipped) I create a style that has a bright red colour for the inside face and a green for outside I also have Profile lines set to yellow and very thick and will usually have edges turned off. This enables me to check for open seams (they would show up yellow) and any flipped faces show up red. this will help identify problems with a model but is by no means a substitute for methodical neat modelling.
Plus Curra for the Ultimaker will print from .collada files so no .stl file plugin needed.

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