From where to start design and major concepts of go cart design?

What can be starting for go cart designing? Also all the major concepts of cart?
And any references??

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Dear Ashish,

Our robotics team has recently started designing a go-kart ourselves. As I had experience in the field, I directed member of the design team to work on a frame. The shape of the frame is extremely important, as it will determine what your kart will be used for. Rectangular shapes are useful for steering and power, while trapezoidal shapes are useful for crash resistance. After deciding the general shape, we used Autodesk Inventor 2016 (its free) to design struts and supports on the interior base of the frame. When each support was designed, we ran a simulation to see how much force the frame could handle. I personally recommend d about 200 lb. downwards on the top of the frame. Next, design your steering mechanism. I would use a rack and pinion system, as those generally are very reliable. Make sure it is weighted properly, though, or the driver may not be able to steer properly. Finally, design the drive mechanism. For this, we used 4 CIM motors plugged into 2 MiniTuffBox gearboxes, both facing inward at each other and connected with a shaft. This give a high power output. We then designed a pneumatic system to allow shifting between high speed and high torque modes (ask for clarification for me to explain how its done). We used a rear wheel drive mechanism. when all of this is complete, you have the basic parts of a kart. A secondary frame (the "height" portion, where the driver sits) can be bolted on top of the base frame. Ask if you have any questions. Cheers!

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I don't know anything about this company, but why not start with a set of plans for a go cart?
At least read through a set of plans, it should give you a good idea of the skills, materials, and tools required to build one.

If I were planing to bake a cake, I'd look for a recipe to start with instead of trying to reinvent the process, and get the ratio of all the ingredients correct.
After I baked a few cakes, maybe then I'd look for ways to improve the process or result.

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