Fun things to model for a beginner?

I just got solidworks 2013 and was wondering if you guys had any useful models/assemblies that would help me learn the program? I do have some experience; I modeled a companion cube from Portal, so I know tha basics.

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Do the built in tutorials - even if they frustrate you .The tutorials in the new versions are extremely well designed to teach you a growing mastery of the program by introducing many, many features through very easy to follow tutorials.

I highly recommend them.

After that, model some objects around you - use the best measuring technologies you have a vailable - go purcahse some cheap digital calipers if you can, or get them on ebay\internet otherwise - these are invaluable.

Use your interests.. Like cars? Model a car - or download one of Farrad's(sorry if spelled wrong) or another amazing designer here's cars and MARVEL at how they make those surfaces. Its AMAZING.. Then put it away and figure out how to model A surface ;) - Then get frustrated and DO THE SOLIDWORKS SURFACING TUTORIAL.

This is hard, but good advice in my opinion.

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If you see something you like, take it and a CRT of calipers and start modeling. Then find other people who have made something similar and see how they did it. ( I bet they did it differently)

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Found this on GrabCad
couldn't find link
Start at #1 they progress adding new steps and procedures
By the time you are complete you will understand SW
Have Fun

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