Gear puller jaw simulation

Can anyone do help me do this?
We were asked to draw a gear puller (and I have already made one)
Now we are asked to do a (Stress/strain simulation of one of the jaws assuming a force of 1500N is required to remove a 40mm diameter gear from a 20mm diameter shaft, if both are made of steel and are shrink fit?)

I have played with jaw trying to do the simulation so I might have missed it up.

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here is what i could come up with hopefully this is what you were looking for... i know there is a way to make the stress go on with out adding that feature on the bottom but the only person i know knew how to do it had the solidworks professional version and i only got the student edition this is not the most accurate answer you could get i think the professional version allows you to do stress analysis on assembly instead of just parts

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