"Geometry that intersects other geometries" problem when revolving a curve

I'm making a simple model of the GE90 so that I can export it into ANSYS for simulation (currently I'm getting an error at the surface where the interior parts meet in ANSYS when meshing). I found out that parts of the model actually were overlapping for some reason when revolving and I have absolutely no idea how to resolve this problem. This is happening at all the places where I have used fillet in the sketch. Anyone know why the curves of the fillet are intersecting and how to not let that happen when revolving?

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it will show an error on the fillet as the the curve is generated is made of a lot of small edges and some of these faces will be intersecting have you tried making a gap of about 0.1 mm this will usually separate the faces, also in ansys if you are doing a static cfd study you only need to model the air as you can set faces to certain types of materials, you might have to split parts of the faces to correctly set the material.

but as a note it is not good modelling practice to have two faces overlapping

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Your model contains 3 solids. I would consider keeping atleast a very small gap between each other, as Carl malia ^^ said.

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