Give me our suggestion.

Hi friends,
i have to learn interior /exterior trim, BIW, generation of A,B,C surface.but there is no any direction how to is possible to learn Youtube or necessory to class.
if possible in youtube please shaire me any channel,or tutorial.i have searching but there is so vast data,not perticular.

Thanks for advance.

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2 Answers

My suggestion is to use YouTube if you have lots of time and just want to learn CATIA for fun.

If you are serious about getting the skills required to work in the automotive industry, my suggestion is to go to school to learn Design Engineering as well as CATIA.

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i suggest you to join a good training center like cadcamguru. they will teach you catia from the start along with creating ABC surfaces, BIW, sheetmetal, assembly design, interior and exterior surfacing etc. & they will give you job opportunities based upon your learning.

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