Good book for learning Hard-Surface modeling

Hi, I want to buy a book related to advanced hard-surface modeling by Solidworks, and I want you to advice me the best one.

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I've never seen that book, so I can't offer any advice on it.
"Hard-surface modeling" is pretty much what Solidworks does though, so we may need to further define your goal.

"Hard-surface modeling" can mean two things:
1. Hard as in difficult surfacing. This would be things with complex geometry like cars, planes, and various consumer and medical devices/appliances.
2. Hard surfacing as in term by which more organic/artistic modelers refer to. Some software like Z-brush, modo, Mudbox, and cinema 4D are great at making very organic shapes, but try to model very simple geometry like a cube with sharp edges, and it is really difficult.

SolidWorks will do both of the above. "Complex surfaces" will take some time to get good at. "Hard surfaces" can be easily leaned by using the tutorials in the help menu.

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I'll second the advice for a site like pluralsight. I have a course of my own there, but it is not on surface modeling.

If you are looking specifically for a book, you could try the SolidWorks Surfacing bible by Matt Lombard. It is a few years out of date now, but the content is relevant, there are only a few new, major tools and options that have really been added to the software since the book was published.

David and Marie Planchard also have a number of SolidWorks books geared to students. You might see if there have something on surfacing.

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Solidworks' positioning in the surfacing market is rather small, so the source material might be a bit more limited than say, material on surfacing in Catia, NX or the more popular class A surface modelers; ICEM & Alias.

That said, I'd look more towards tutorials/books on modeling in say, Alias, because of the large user-base. No, it won't directly translate over but that doesn't mean you can't glean a lot of useful information about the concepts and workflows, you can then see what ports over to Solidworks.

Non conventional answer...

Good luck.

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Its better to buy online tutorials on Udemy or


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